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Life Hacks

Often drip things on your clothes?  Wear a large scarf that is easy to wash.  If you get something on it, just remove it.

Put pump tops on shampoo, conditioner and body wash so you can dispense them with one hand. Put flip tops on other items like toothpaste.

Tend to drop things? 
Wear gloves with rubber grips on the palms and fingers.
Wrap commonly used items in grip tape made for handles.
Use sports bottles or sippy cups for drinks. (Some work better than others.  Always test to be sure they are closed properly.)

Eating cereal or soup out of a tall cup instead of a bowl reduces spilling for some.

Don't have time for a trip to the spa or even a bubble bath?  Close the drain on your tub and sprinkle in Epsom salt* for a quick foot soak during your shower and use a shampoo and body wash in a refreshing scent like rosemary mint or grapefruit.

(As always, use care when getting in and out of the tub/shower.  Epsom salt has been used for thousands of years for its health benefits, but people with certain conditions shouldn't use it.  Check with your doctor.)

HomeLifestyleSoups & SaladsEntreesSnacks & DrinksDessertsEntertainingHealth & FitnessInspirationTravelFree E-cards