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Real Fruit Pops

Nothing says summer like a pink lemonade pop...
or a watermelon pop! 

With all of the complicated recipes out there, it's easy to forget that ice pops can be one of the easiest deserts to make.

All-natural raspberry lemonade (either homemade or from the store) makes heavenly ice pops.

In fact, the juice aisle is filled with tasty, healthy options from blueberry to lime to cherry to pomegranate and everything in between.  You can enjoy individual flavors, mix them, or layer them by freezing one type of juice and then adding the next. 

Make sure you choose natural juices that don't contain artificial sweeteners or dyes.  Just fill the trays with juice, freeze, and enjoy a few hours later.

Since many fruits are in season right now, you can also make them with fresh fruit.  When you cut up your next watermelon, simply reserve and freeze any of the juice that inevitably ends up at the bottom of the serving dish!

You can add blueberries, strawberries or other fruit to juice for variety.  Puréed fruit and/or yogurt can also be frozen to create different textures. The pops can be as simple or as involved as you like. 

However you make them, they are a wonderfully healthy and refreshing way to cool off!

HomeLifestyleSoups & SaladsEntreesSnacks & DrinksDessertsEntertainingHealth & FitnessInspirationTravelFree E-cards