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Roasted Chicken & Vegetables

Easy Roasted Chicken

1) Wash and chop vegetables. Place in roasting pan.

Roasting Vegetables

2) Top with chicken pieces.

Chicken and vegetables in roasting pan

3) Bake in 425 
°F oven until golden brown and thoroughly cooked*, approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Easy Roasted Chicken

4) Season to taste before or after baking.
(Salt, pepper, rosemary and allspice go well with this dish.)

Note: Because this is not breaded and fried in grease, it is healthier for you than fried chicken.  
If you would like to reduce the fat and calories further, use skinless chicken pieces.  
(When baking skinless chicken, reduce heat to 375 
°F and lightly brush with oil to prevent chicken from drying out.)

Ovens vary, so be sure to check yours regularly to see if it runs hotter or colder than average and adjust accordingly.

*It is very important that it is thoroughly cooked since improperly cooked poultry and its juices can cause illness like salmonella poisoning.  Click here for more information.

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