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Tips to Fight Nausea
Whether the cause is morning sickness, motion sickness, migraines, side effects from treatments or countless other reasons, nausea affects numerous people every day.

Different things help different people. Start slowly to see what works for you.

The scents of lavender, peppermint, rosemary or lemon can be helpful, especially in their natural form.  Artificially created scents can actually cause more problems.

The acid from the juice of a lemon can be hard on the stomach, but some find relief by simply smelling a fresh lemon!

You or your loved one might enjoy having a lavender plant by your bed. They can be both soothing and cheerful.

Peppermint tea, either hot or cold, is usually appreciated by people of all ages.

Ginger can also be soothing to the stomach.  That is why ginger ale is traditionally given. The carbonation in ginger ale can also help. Seltzer or club soda provide carbonation without the sweetness.  (If you are watching your sodium intake, be sure to check the labels.) Ginger tea is another option. 

Make ice pops out of peppermint or ginger tea.

Choose foods that are easily digested until you feel better.
(While fiber is beneficial, it is not easily digested.) Some tried and true foods include white rice, bananas, crackers, egg or egg custard, and tapioca. Chicken, chicken broth and potatoes are more substantial, but still bland enough to be relatively well-tolerated when someone is feeling well enough to have solid foods.

When vegetables are reintroduced, make sure they are (washed and) well-cooked. The cooking process helps break the food down so your digestive system doesn't have as much work to do.  (Cook the vegetables in a soup so you still get the nutrients that go into the cooking water.)

Those dealing with long-term nausea sometimes benefit from using a strong blender to puree food.

It is easy for electrolytes (such as salt and potassium) to be out of balance even with a short-term issue.  Talk to your doctor about what you should do about your particular condition.  Often he or she will recommend a rehydration drink or eating foods that are higher in things that you need.  (Potatoes and bananas are a good sources of potassium, for example.) 

Elastic bands with acupressure beads can be surprisingly helpful. They are popular on ships and can be found in many drug stores near other motion sickness remedies. Make sure they are not too tight. They should be painless when worn properly.  (Those with circulation issues should consult their doctors.) Remove bands and check arms regularly, especially if you are prone to swelling.

Anti-nausea candies and a
romatherapy oils are easier to take with you than your lavender plant.  There is a company that specializes in anti-nausea candies with unusual flavors.  If you can't find some near you, try carrying some in more traditional flavors like peppermints, lemon drops or ginger chews.

We hope these tips help you and you feel much better soon!


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