Here are some tips to make getting ready easier if you have pain, weakness or mobility challenges. 

  1. Put a grab bar, chair, mirror and hooks where you usually dress.
  2. Get a low-maintenance hairstyle.
  3. Allow extra time so that you won’t have to rush.
  4. If it takes awhile for your painkillers to take effect, put the pill you will need to take in the morning on your nightstand the night before along with a glass of water; set your alarm for an hour or so before you need to get up; turn on the light; take your pill, and then go back to sleep.  When you have to get up and get dressed, it will be quite a bit easier.  (Note:  Be careful to only take pills according your doctor’s directions and make sure that you have placed only the right pill beside your bed the night before since it can be easier to mistake pills when you are drowsy.)
  5. Choose easy breakfast items like healthy breakfast muffins that don’t require morning prep. (Cold cereal is easy, but can be messy if you have poor coordination.  Always eat and brush your teeth before dressing so you won’t have to find a new outfit at the last minute if something gets on your clothes.)
  6. Select your clothes the night before.
  7. Wear slip-on shoes.
  8. Buy clothes that rarely wrinkle so you don’t have to iron. (If it is wrinkled on the rack, put it back.  Look for polyester blends and avoid 100 % linen.)
  9. Choose clothes without buttons/zippers for stress-free dressing.
  10. Loose-fitting clothes in smooth fabrics slip on more easily.
  11. If one side is weaker than the other, put the weaker side in first, using the stronger side to help.

For more tips check out this link.