1. Group like things together and have stations for making coffee, getting dressed, etc.
  2. Keep an attractive storage unit right by your bed or couch. Keep it stocked with all your essentials: crackers, bottled water, tissues, medicine, ginger ale, etc.
  3. Get a lightweight tool belt to wear around the house to hold important items like your cell phone, aspirin, other medications, and glasses or a magnifying glass to save steps. 
  4. Use disposables (preferably biodegradable) as needed.
  5. Whenever you get a flip-top cap for toothpaste, rubbing alcohol, dish washing liquid, vitamins, sport-top water bottles, etc., save it for other bottles or tubes that might not come with them. They’re easier to open and reduce spilling.
  6. Before starting to clean, garden, do laundry or any other physical activity, be sure you have taken your pain pills if appropriate. (Never operate equipment or do any other dangerous activity under the influence of pain pills that might impair you.) Soak in warm water with Epsom salts if possible afterwards.  (Epsom salts have been used for centuries and are safe for most people.  However, people with certain conditions should not use them. Be sure to check with your doctor.)